by Old bean

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released June 29, 2016

Recorded at the Nutshed Studio by Aidan Cunningham and at the Hive Studios by Eoin Whitfield

Mixed by Eoin Whitfield
Mastered by Brian Lanese



all rights reserved


Old bean Galway, Ireland

Old bean is an Irish rock band from Galway, Ireland, formed in 2013.

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Track Name: Gone
I never wanted to let you go but I had to
I never wanted to let you go but I needed to

But now you're gone
You're never coming home
I will always be alone

I'm moving on
I see a light
It's so bright
Look at it

I'll never be the same I tell myself the pain will fade
Track Name: Lunatic
It's complicated
It's overrated
When will I ever move on
I'm suffocated
I fucking hate it
I never meant to lead you on

I don't want to change you
But I don't want to hate you
Track Name: Bipolar
I want to see what''s wrong with you
I want to know what's inside your head

Forget the past
Let it go
The presents here and you're alone

You could be here when I'm not there
You always get me down when you're not around

You're all alone now
You're all alone

Too many pills make you fucking sick
You're such a dick when you drink

Oh yeah

You're all alone
Track Name: Smile
Smile like you mean it
I know I've seen it
I want to believe it
You know I need it

Because I heard you said good weather gets better
I heard you said we will be forever

I know it ain't so easy to please me
So please

Cry Like you mean it
You know I've seen it
I want to believe it
You know I need it

I heard you said we are the dead tonight

Turn your frown upside down
Don't be talk of the town

Just Smile
Please don't cry
Track Name: Cry
It's too late to save me just forget about
You're too late to save me just forget about me

Forget me
This isn't worth it
Forgive me
This isn't worth it
Track Name: Lunar
I don't want to cry
I just want to smile

So give me this
I really need you
So let me drift
Into space
It's my place
Track Name: Cabin Fever
I try to tell myself it's okay but the pain it won't go away and I know that it will stay the same

Take it all away
Away from here
Yeah the words you said are in my head Believe me

Oh Believe me
Track Name: Milot
You think you know everything about me but you don't know shit
I think I know everything about you because you never hide it

So turn it up now there's going to be a war

Put out the flame put all the blame on me
Track Name: Quasimodo
The streets are cold and there's no one there for me
I'm all on my own
I don't know where this road will ever lead
I'm all on my own
I've been trying to tell myself that it's all okay
That it's not the same but it's still the same and I'm sick of this game won't you please help me get the fuck out of here

I'm all on my own again
I'm all on my own

Please get me away
Away from here

Because I know that you know that I will always go when I'm not wanted here tonight

Please take me home I'm all alone
I need you here I need you there

I'm on my own
I'm all alone