by Old bean

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aidan Cunningham at The Forbidden Zone Recording Studio

Artwork by Keith Rosson

Released by Waterslide Records


released July 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Old bean Galway, Ireland

Old bean is an Irish rock band from Galway, Ireland, formed in 2013.

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Track Name: Save me
You ruined the most beautiful thing|That you were ever a part of|Your trying to find yourself|But you get lost in your sorrow|You can't eat|You can't sleep|Because you don't want to see tomorrow|Show no sorrow

Reminiscing on the times we're missing|Those times are gone but now we're both moving on now|Reminiscing on the times we're missing|It was fun but now it's all said and done

The sun will come out tomorrow so you better wait|Look on the bright side my friend show no hate or sorrow
Track Name: Days Go By
I'm feeling alright but not sure if the future looks so bright|but you looks so fine tonight|I'll forget about everything no worry on my mind|You left me with nothing and nothing to hide

Days go by|and months they pass|You left so fast|I thought it would last

Days go by
Track Name: Take Her Home
She broke my heart|and all my friends just said move on|because there's plenty of other fish out in the sea|but I'm too rusty to play that game of love and hate tonight

Why did you have to go and leave me here all on my own|I don't understand why you left me

So I call her up It was a Friday night|and it felt so right|and I had to say

Hey there good looking What you doing tonight? |You're such a pretty sight you light up my eyes|I just want to take your hand and take you home|and treat you right all through the night
Track Name: Trust me
This ship is sinking but I don't want to drown|The world is frowning but I don't want to frown|I'm getting lost and there's no transmission now|Yeah I can't see no light and can't seem to win this fight

But when I stare in your eyes when you look back at me|I start to see a light

Trust me I'll take care of you|You're always there for me when I need someone|Trust me trust me I'll take care of you|You're always there for me when I need someone new like you
Track Name: Sally
Sally come home tonight |Sally come home

I've been thinking about you all through the day|I've been dreaming about you all through the night|I want you here right by my side|I want you hear and to be my guide|I know that you're searching for me|Just know that I'm searching for you|Don't you worry our day will come|It's destiny yeah you are the one
Track Name: 1992
1992 was the year it all began|I never know what to expect|but I get on with my life

I met a girl and fell in love|It was all so new and beautiful|but it ended as fast as it started|and made me feel last and broken hearted

Time doesn't wait for no one|I'm going to wait for the one|I'm going to find you

I never thought that this day would come|and I never thought that we'd become undone
Track Name: Pixie
Sometimes you got to wait because patience is the key to me|Everything I ever do you never seem to see|When it gets me down it makes me frown|I just get back up again|Because nothing that you do will stop me from being free

Why can't you see|It was not meant to be|and I can't believe that you cheat on me


It was not meant to be|between you and me
Track Name: Broken
I will find myself tonight|In this broken hearted city|I will find myself tonight|Yeah

Get me out of here|The scene is dead and I start to fear|All of the regrets I have made|And they never seem to fade

Yeah I'm broken|I'm broken inside|Yeah

Yeah I'll be fine|Because we all get a little crazy sometimes
Track Name: Time Killers
We have a good time when we break out the wine|Until the morning we don't feel so fine|We make the memories to kill the time away|Because good days and bad days|They never seem to stay

But what can I do? |With my feet on the air and my head on the ground|Today is just another bad day|Tomorrow's going to be a better day

Today is just another day|Tomorrow's just another place|We'll find another way and it will be okay